Air Freight Charter

We provide just the right Air Cargo / Air Charter service for whatever you’re shipping.

Take advantage of our experienced team to ensure that you time critical freight is delivered when needed. For urgent shipmentswe offer next flight out, next day, and second day service. Alternatively, when time definite delivery is not your first priority we have deferred three to five day service at economy pricing. Additionally, when you would rather utilize air charter service, our team will help you with selecting the appropriate aircraft for your freight.


Air Partner is a leading air freight charter broker offering dedicated, innovative, and expert service to meet the most demanding schedules at the best possible rates.

Air freight charter solutions

Our team of charter experts has the ability to move any air freight shipment including oversized cargo, dangerous materials, high value cargo, and even urgent documents. Through our global network and 24/7 operations, Air Partner provides the resource and expertise to charter the right freight aircraft for your shipment. All this backed by seamless support and logistical excellence throughout your flight

Heavy & Oversize

 Many of our clients are unable to split their cargo over different scheduled services or send oversized freight on lengthy journeys by land or sea. Air Charter Service are available to help with:

  • Oil industry assemblies, including large pipes and drilling equipment
  • Power station parts
  • Marine diesel engines engineering constructions
  • Aircraft parts including engines for grounded aircraft
  • Satellites for space missions
  • Vehicle transportation, such as jeeps and communications trailers
  • Film & music stage sets

Finding solutions for difficult cargo…

  • The IL-76 and AN-124 are often used as the solutions for outsize cargo that needs to be transported on medium or long haul flights.
  • Air Charter Service have built up longstanding relationships and mutual respect with the operators of such aircraft.
  • We carefully monitor the availability and negotiate the best charter prices in the industry.


Experts for heavy and outsize cargo...

Our brokers have vast experience of dealing with large cargo consignments and are always available to help you find the right charter solution.

Air Charter Service don’t do voicemail - our experts are on the end of the phone 24/7 - so our services can be called upon at any time of the day or night.

As a freight forwarder BGI provides international freight shipping services to and from origins around the world for those urgent import and export shipments that require expedited service.

Shipping via air decreases shipping time, generally results in superior condition of goods upon arrival, allows for greater inventory control for just in time manufacturing and stocking, and for certain commodities, lower shipping costs. BGI Worldwide Logistics provides air freight services worldwide for shipments that need an expedited timeline. When time is of the highest priority, you want our network of service partners and agents across North America, and at points around the world, handling your urgent shipments


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